• What's the city hiding?

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    "What's the city hiding" is an educational program proposed by the Marubi Museum for the first time in 2018, aiming to raise awareness among younger generations about cultural heritage.
    As a starting point for the first two editions, the Marubi Museum archive has been instrumental. Through images and information surrounding them, participants have uncovered the old Shkodra, as well as the history of buildings and monuments dedicated to personalities of national importance.
    Having reviewed the outcomes of the first two editions, we have opted to proceed with a new program, centering on narratives that are more deeply rooted in our local context.
    Through various mediums such as photography, video interviews, maps, and models, participants trace events, personalities, buildings, traditions, and crafts of the neighborhood they inhabit. They do so by gathering memories from parents, grandparents, neighbor and residents, thereby constructing a mosaic of histories linked to the urban memory of the space they live in daily.

    The program aims to involve students from public secondary schools - from 5th grade to 9th grade - who, assisted by teaching staff, family, and the community, get to know better the history that has shaped the identity of inhabited spaces, often neglected, forgotten, left unrepresented, or simply resurface in memory.
    During the monthly duration of the work process, school teaching staff will be assisted by the Marubi Museum staff, both in terms of guiding lines for working with the group of participants and technical assistance in the final presentation that students will realize in the museum.

    In the selection of schools, special importance has been given to the coverage of the city and its surroundings, ensuring representation of all neighborhoods, both central and peripheral, and rural areas. Meetings and presentations will be held during the academic years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025, depending on the teaching programs of the schools and other programs of the Marubi Museum. Upon completion of the program, a publication will be released aiming to raise awareness about the importance of both material and immaterial cultural heritage, reflected in the images of the Marubi Museum, which today serve as a starting point for recounting new stories.